Connectivity & Integration

MultiplanR supports a multitude of data sources. It enables you to connect and get insights into your P&O systems without the need of long, expensive data warehousing projects. Until today, this has been limited by the tools and notions provided by the Planning & Optimization systems. MultiplanR provides a reliable, cutting edge way to open up your smart solutions to new insights, through brand new analysis possibilities and easy to understand visualizations, using the state of the art tools of your choice.

Besides P&O applications, MultiplanR is able to source data from other, auxiliary systems into its industry specific data model. Models can be augmented by external data (from Excel sheets to corporate Data Warehouses) that is essential to decision making but are not available in the output of planning systems.

Get the big picture, make the most informed decisions.

Low-latency Streaming for Any Number of Users

Classic Data Warehouse and BI projects are built with a few data refreshes per day in mind. Even the most up-to-date, near real time BI solutions depend upon a central Extract, Transform and Load process that is scheduled to run every few minutes.

When you have a team of experts expecting to load and analyze their data of interest at the click of a button, this simply does not work.


To achieve the lowest possible latency, outputs of hundreds of megabytes from P&O applications are streamed, using a proprietary compression that combines streaming with techniques that up to now were only used for static data in in-memory databases, achieveng up to a hundredfold speedup and reduction in size and bandwidth required.

Streaming enables on-the-fly transformation, so that no further processing is necessary. Data is ready to be consumed as soon as the last bits arrived to the case repository.

No more waiting on data load jobs and ETL processes.


Scalable Microservices Architecture

MultiplanR has been designed and implemented from the ground up to scale to any number of users each working with hundreds of megabytes of data at any given moment, without any degradation in speed.

One of the cornerstones of this is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, microservices based architecture that can be deployed both on premise or in the cloud. 


Scaling out your business is most often a matter of hiring new talent. We believe that scaling out your on-premise system should not be any more complicated than adding new, commodity servers to your existing application cluster - without the need for expensive, new, big hardware and time-consuming migrations.

Hosting the system in the cloud makes this even easier. Additional capacity is at your fingertips, only a few clicks away. What you need, when you need it.


Furthermore, besides eliminating duplicate data and reducing storage costs with our specialized content hashing for data, we provide the opportunity to keep your hot, frequently and recently accessed content on premise and use cheaper cloud solutions for cold storage. Safely encrypted and managed transparently by industry standard solutions, your secret keys never leaving your digital company boundaries.

Optimize storage and retrieval, achieve substantial savings.

Solutions for Big Data

One never knows what data of today will provide key information tomorrow.

That is why we store all source data in a compressed, big data optimized solution, so that information that is not needed today can be utilized tomorrow, when the need arises. 


We do this in a distributed, fault tolerant, scalable solution while providing on-the-fly, low-latency, multi-user data processing as opposed to the scheduled refreshes of data warehouses, BI and Big Data solutions of today.



There is always source data from P&O systems that is not utilized in any measure, KPI, report or analysis of today. These are typically ignored during data load and transformation. Once ignored, this information is typically lost for the future in a classic data warehouse solution. MultiplanR preserves all of your source data verbatim and carries out transformations in a very efficient way, so that once you need a new calculation or measure based on any source data from the past, you can just go ahead and use it, just as if it was always there - because it really is always there, accessible for you and your team.



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