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Consultative development by our experts and a free DEMO, where our experts demonstrate how to get even more out of your existing systems.




1. Step Sponsorship
5 hours
You receive from our experts:
  • We help in defining industry and company success criteria related to the analysis process.
  • We help in exploring optimization opportunities and the definition of KPIs.
  • We demonstrate opportunities by comparing current and possible analysis, reporting and visualization tools and practices. 
2. Step Planner
20 hours
You receive from our experts:
  • Understanding planning methodologies at the company level
  • Identification of optimization areas and everyday requirements, setting goals
  • Input and output data requirements verification
  • Assessment of requirements for analysis and insights
  • Assessment of current technology and source systems
  • Analysis of current master data, unification of test master data
  • Review of current reports, implementation of reports based on custom requirements
  • Implementation of processing input data from the P&O systems
  • Implementation of data models and transformations
  • Implementation of sample dashboards and reports
3. Step IT
75 hours
You receive from our experts:
  • Overview of current solutions, exploration of points of optimization.
  • Definition of hardware and software requirements.
  • Connection to other data sources, as needed.
  • Recommendation for cloud, on premise or hybrid solutions.
  • Setting up a DEMO environment with test data.

We demonstrate and summarize how you can use the advantages and the exceptional efficiency provided by MultiplanR to make the most out of your existing systems and data