Compare Cases

Fast comparison of cases, visual representations that facilitate quick and easy understanding of key differences can easily play an even more important role than the analysis of individual cases. MultiplanR helps you in both.



Data from P&O and other, auxiliary systems is handled and stored in a scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant repository, enabling all past and future cases to be searchable and accessible for analysis and comparison at any time. Insights gained and solutions applied in past cases can be retrieved and compared to cases and options of today.

In the blink of an eye.




  • Comparison of scenarios for different intervals.
  • Comparison of plans with different granularities (e.g. yearly, quarterly plans vs. series of monthly rolling plans).
  • Comparison of plans from different applications, enabled by building industry specific target models as opposed to application specific ones.
  • Comparison of plans with different master data mappings (e.g. the same code means a different material, site, market, etc. to different planning groups within the company, or different codes used across the company and multiple systems should mean the same product, site, etc.).



  • It is possible to add metadata to cases, so features of different scenarios can be identified quickly for search and retrieval. No more hunting through a pile of cryptic file names.
  • Use the workspace to filter and focus on the scenarios that picked your interest, quickly analyze and report on them, with a single click, without the need to specify the same filters, all over again, in every different report, in every application. Every possible configuration of your choice of scenarios is accessible through a simple address, enabling you to conveniently access, bookmark or share your work.



Data Visualization

Data-driven companies of today emphasize the way information and insights are presented as access to an abundance of data is becoming more and more ubiquitous.


Your P&O system gains new life, as its fixed reports are extended with real, interactive dashboards and reports with drilling and ad-hoc analysis capabilities, answering your questions and showing you the insights and information that really do matter.



  • Use Excel or any other state of the art analysis and visualization tool of your choice (e.g. Power BI , Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, etc.) to gain new insight.
  • Customize and enhance existing, industry specific reports or create brand new dashboard and interactive report experiences.



Access and share data, work collaboratively with others.


  • Collaborate on Master Data, see what others edit in real time
  • Access and share insights with others from the central case and scenario repository: enhance information flow and access to team knowledge.




  • Scalable central repository for easy, one-stop access to distributed knowledge, compare your solutions, insights, feasible cases, options with solutions found by others.
  • Tap into the knowledge of your team by simply sharing a link to the interesting cases and comparisons that you have found, analyze the same data from different aspects collaboratively, simultaneously with others.



A collaboratively maintained Master Data repository with real-time, simultaneous editing and capabilities tailored specifically to these tasks, solves the typical problems of when the same words and identifiers mean different things in different systems and groups - and when different identifiers and vocabulary used in different paces should mean the same thing across systems.


Besides being easily adoptable to any industry, we strive to apply concepts, processes, techniques and best practices peculiar to a given industry in an industry specific data model. Years of industry knowledge is synthethized in a unified system.


Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that differentiation is a key business value.
We customize the system to further distinguish yourself and your brands on the markets of today and the future.


We enrich the industry specific MultiplanR data model, so that
you can utilize the latest planning and analysis methodologies of the industry.

Besides industry standard measures, KPIs and calculations specific to the company and internal processes are easily integrated. 



  • Customize all aspects of your Master Data and dimensions used for analysis
  • Modify existing measures and KPIs, create completely new ones
  • Modify existing reports and dashboards, create new ones easily, from scratch 
  • Use workspaces to collaborate, share and focus on the things that matter the most
  • Target different audiences (P&O, management, sales, controlling, etc) and different needs with the right reports and dashboard - go as deep or get as broad in the level of detail and interactivity, provide snapshots or connect to live data, as desired.


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